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Taking over the world, one word at a time.

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This community is built for Alice Nine's drummer, Nao, and his words of wisdom.
よこそう! ^^

This is naoquotes, and the only place that you will find quotes by the wonderful drummer, Nao-sama. ♥

I hope everyone will enjoy this community as much as I do. 8D
This place is for Nao-san, and so I will post almost everything that involves Nao.

If there is a quote by our wonderful drummer that you think I must post, or I haven't posted yet. You can PM me, and ask me. However, you also need to have the quote along with the creditors and where you got it.

Like all communities, this a peaceful place.
So let's all have fun, and enjoy the quotes that our adorkable drummer spurts out. ^^

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A Special thanks for the Layout by : garasunohane